Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Migrate Accounts from Workgroup to Domain Server

Bulletin: 111407

Software Effected:
ServerMigrator 2007

I am looking for a product that is able to copy local user accounts and passwords from one Windows 2003 server to another Windows 2003 server, one server is in a workgroup, and the other is joined to a domain. Can this be done with any of your products?

When Migrating from a member server in a Workgroup (DMZ, Workgroups, Offsite) to a member server that is a member of a domain or a different workgroup the main challenge is connectivity and Administrative rights. Normally to perfom member server to member server migration, one account is required that has rights on both the source server and the target server.
In the case of workgroups the "ADMINISTRATOR" account must be used, the passwords of each account must be the same and there must be connectivity betwen the two server.

Winzero has created another scenario to this situation where one of three requirements can not be met.
NCS Migration (Non Connected Servers).
By installing ServerMigrator on both the source and target servers, the user accounts, passwords, user properties, local groups, local group members, NTFS Folder permissions and share permissions are collect on the source server, translated and then recreated on the target server in two steps.

For detailed information go to ServerMigrator and follow the NCS Migration link

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