Monday, September 17, 2012

ADUM Enterprise Competitive Software Upgrade.

For a limited time, if you own any Quest Software, Scriptlogic Software, ForensiT, NetIQ, Winzero or Microsoft ADMT, it is the best time to take advantage of our competitive upgrade to ADUM Enterprise reg. $649.00 for just $349.00 and learn what ADUM offers over the competition.

ADUM Enterprise Edition gives you a unified unrestricted license for our ADUM Enterprise Edition Software bundle consisting of ADMigrator, ServerMigrator, PasswordCopy, SecuRED and TakeControl as well as a number of OEM and third party administrative tools including any future software releases until Dec 31, 2013.  ADUM Enterprise Edition also includes support and maintenance until Dec 31 2013

This offer is available now for a limited time to existing QUEST, NETIQ, Scriptlogic, ForensiT, MIcrosoft and Winzero customers for just $349.00 USD online only at this special link only.

If you own or use any Quest Software, Scriptlogic Software, ForensiT, NetIQ, Microsoft ADMT, ManageRED ADUM Small business, ADUM Server, Resemble or Winzero Enterprise Toolbox, ITPro Toolbox, WADMIgrator, ServerMigrator, Resemble, ACLReporter, DNSReset, PasswordCopy, SVRCompare, RemoveUnknown or any other discontinued Winzero Software now is the time to ACT!

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How to Migrate Local Server Users and Groups Only Between Member Servers

View our complete document to help you migrate server accounts, local user accounts with properties, with passwords and local server groups from Windows member server to Windows member server with similar or different OS versions.

Both ADUM ServerMigrator and ManageRED Resemble solutions allow for the migration of local accounts form server to server automatically.

User Accounts
·         User account samAccountNames are recreated on the target server.
·         Passwords for each account are copied.
·         User name and description properties are copied to the target
·         Terminal server settings and properties are copied to the target server for each account that is populated on the source server
·         All user rights are migrated to the target server.

Local Goups
·         Local group samAccountNames are recreated on the target server.
·         Group description properties are copied to the target
·         Group membership is populated with migrated accounts of the target server in the same samAccountName structure as the source server.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Migrate Local Server Accounts to Domain Accounts

ADUM Server Edition, using the ServerMigration App, will convert local server user accounts and local groups to domain accounts and maintain resource security without user impact or downtime..

This process will recreate the source account in the target domain and in any selected OU.
User properties are copied to the converted domain accounts including passwords.
Local groups can be converted into domain local groups then populated with the new migrated domain user accounts.

Once the accounts are created, the source server is reACLed for files, folders and shares using an append process, whereby both the local accounts and domain accounts have the same access to resources. This is done because of the different SIDs between local and domain accounts.

The last step,  once satisfied, know as the cleanup process, is to remove the local accounts from the server and the resources.

ADUM also includes third party free tools to automatically repermission SQL databases with the new accounts

Because ADUM Server Edition includes 1 hour of support, once purchased a ManageRED Migration Expert can get the client started with the the process of converting local accounts to domain accounts.

ServerMigrator is the ONLY software to perform this task on the market today.

Learn more about ADUM
Learn more about ServerMigrator

Thursday, August 2, 2012

How It Works - Resemble 30 Day License

Got a single Server migration project?  Need to migrate only a few servers?

ManageRED Resemble 30 Day License is the inexpensive solution for quick server migration projects. 

Download it and try it, then purchase Resemble 30 day License  a fast server migration solution for just  $39.00 USD with a non restricted license without per user or per server licensing for 30 days. 

Purchase what you need when you need it or upgrade to any ADUM Bundle at any time and the amount you spent on Resemble 30 Day License will be deduct from your ADUM purchase.

Monday, July 30, 2012

ADUM Licensing Issues with Copy-Paste

Recently when customers copy their license key for ADUM Enterprise, Server or Small Business Edition from the email sent to them after their purchase, an issue arises that leaves the ADUM software in Evaluation Mode.

This issue is caused by copying a trailing space after the license key as shown below. The trailing space can not be seen until the license key is highlighted.

To resolve this issue, highlight the license key and remove (delete) the trailing space and click on the License button. ADUM will now be in licensed mode for which ever version that was purchased.