Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Server Migration Without Copying Folders

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I am migrating data from one server to another. The issue is the majority of the permissions are based on local groups on the source server. I am looking for a solution to migrate my local groups and directory structure to the destination server then I will perform a restore from my backups to the new server and allow the new permissions on the new server directories to be applied to the restored files.

I know your software can migrate all data including groups, folders and files from one server to another, but I need to be able to not migrate files. I need to be able to create a new empty data structure with migrated permissions.

ServerMigrator has the ability to migrate only local users with attributes, local groups, folder NTFS and Share ACL Permissions without migrating the data. There two possible methods of accomplishing your end result using ServerMigrator:

Standard Server Migration:
Using the standard migration process you can migrate the server without ServerMigrator copying (Moving) the file and folder structure. The prerequisite to perform this migration is to backup the source directory structure and restore the Backup to the new target server before starting the migration. Once the data is on the target server without permissions, then start the server migration as normal. During the premigration stage you will be prompted to move data or not to move data. Select Do Not Move Data. This process will collect all the information from the source server and migrate it to the target without performing a file copy.

NC Server Migration:
ServerMigrator NCS (Non Connected Servers) feature allows you to collect user, local group Folder NTFS and Share ACL permissions and recreate the objects with permissions on the target server. This functionality is useful for servers in Workgroups or DMZs where it is impossible to have connectivity between source and target server.
Install a copy of ServerMigrator on both the source and target servers. Start phase one of the NCS Migration and specify a location to store the collected information. Once the collection process is complete, move the data by tape backup or any other method to the target Server without permissions. After the data is in place, start phase two of the NCS migration on the target server and select the location of the collected information file. All account, folder and share permissions will be translated and restored using the target server information to the files and folders.

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