Saturday, November 3, 2007

Share Migration

Bulletin: 100307

Software Effected:
ServerMigrator, Resemble

Can we copy shares without copying the rest of the file structure and is there a way to select and move shares without having to move all of them at one time?

ServerMigrator was originally designed to help administrators move large volumes of data and server objects. The issues in rolling out the product and feedback from customers during beta testing were that by selecting certain shares only to move had a number of draw backs:

By not moving root folders, Windows 200x security would always be dependent on parent inheritance. With the introduction of the ability to inherit from parent when moving none root folders to W2k3, was: what would happen to inheritance from the parent; it may be correct or it will change the ACL based on the target server permissions. When you move shares and permissions the product must also move folder ACLs and translate local objects to the new server.

A quick work around to what you want to accomplish would be to create a folder on the source computer and move all the shares that you want to move to the target server under the newly created folder. Users will have the same access because they are relying on share permissions to access the data and you can move the tree structure using ServerMigrator in one project to the new server.

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