Wednesday, December 5, 2007

CreateRemoteThread Failed: 8

Bulletin: 120507

Software Effected:
ServerMigrator, Resemble, PasswordCopy

When running the “Convert Local Users and Groups to Domain Accounts” function, I always receive the following errors:

Password Process -- No Password Information to Process

It also displays a command prompt with an error message relating to copypassword, stating “CreateRemoteThread failed: 8”

The outcome is that all the local users are created on the domain as domain accounts, however none of the passwords are copied.

CreateRemoteThread failed: 8 is a permissions issue. Any Winzero software that utilizes the passwordcopy function will fail if the software is installed through a MS Terminal Server Client.

You can not install ServerMigrator 2007, PasswordCopy or any Resemble product using a MS Terminal Server session. Once you install the software directly on the computer you can use MS Terminal Server Client or Remote Desktop to remotely run the application.

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