Saturday, November 22, 2008

NTFS Displays SIDs Only After Migration

Bulletin: 112208

Software Effected:

A new bug has Just recently come to our attention. When migrating from a member server to a member server NTFS security on the target server is not translated to the New SIDs of the target server. To date only three clients have experienced this issue.

We and Sylvain Martel of CSPQ (give credit where credit is due) have identified this issue and Winzero has resolved it with ServerMigrator v5.11 and up.

When migrating member servers with server names that end with a number the Windows API adds a (o) zero to the end of the target server name and ServerMigrator cannot resolve the SID of the target server.
Starting November 23th with ServerMigrator version 5.11 the target server name issue has been resolved.

New Update Releases:
ServerMigrator2007 version 5.11

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