Wednesday, March 25, 2009

IMPORTANT Update Available

Bulletin: 032509

Software Effected:
ServerMigrator and AcessReporter

An important issue has come to our attention for ServerMigrator v6.00 Build 031709 and AccessReporter V3.05 Build 032309. The new Add/Remove Domains or workgroups feature was unable to verify or add domains. This has been fixed and the update fix has been added to the updater. Both ServerMigrator and AccessReporter build after the fix is 032509 or newer.

Winzero would like to thank Michael Heredia from the University of North Texas for bringing this issue to light.

To update to the latest fixed build of ServerMigrator or AccessReporter, a new Check for Updates has been added to each product. Select check for updates from the Menu bar > Help > Check for Updates.

Caution: Once the CheckforUpdates starts, be sure that ServerMigrator or AccessReporter is completely closed. With most updates, the executable and the Main GUI are replaced. If the application is not completely closed the updater will not be able to replace these files with the new updates

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