Friday, August 3, 2012

Migrate Local Server Accounts to Domain Accounts

ADUM Server Edition, using the ServerMigration App, will convert local server user accounts and local groups to domain accounts and maintain resource security without user impact or downtime..

This process will recreate the source account in the target domain and in any selected OU.
User properties are copied to the converted domain accounts including passwords.
Local groups can be converted into domain local groups then populated with the new migrated domain user accounts.

Once the accounts are created, the source server is reACLed for files, folders and shares using an append process, whereby both the local accounts and domain accounts have the same access to resources. This is done because of the different SIDs between local and domain accounts.

The last step,  once satisfied, know as the cleanup process, is to remove the local accounts from the server and the resources.

ADUM also includes third party free tools to automatically repermission SQL databases with the new accounts

Because ADUM Server Edition includes 1 hour of support, once purchased a ManageRED Migration Expert can get the client started with the the process of converting local accounts to domain accounts.

ServerMigrator is the ONLY software to perform this task on the market today.

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Learn more about ServerMigrator

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