Saturday, November 3, 2007

Remote Computers Not Reachable by Name

Bulletin: 032007-1

Software Effected:
All Winzero Solutions Using ScheduleManger: DomainReconfigure, ServerMigrator, PasswordCopy, SVRCompare, RemoveUnknown

When trying to add computers to the ScheduleManager in order to update or migrate workstations and servers, the list of available computers does not include computers that are known to be members of the domain.

This issue may arise from 3 different possibilities:

The computer is not reachable by Name. DNS or WINS is not configured correctly at either the computer that is not appearing, the Domain Controllers of each domain where the migration is being performed or the computer used for the migration.

The computer is hidden from the browser
Routers are not broadcasting NetBios Names
Check that all computer DNS settings involved in the migrations are pointing to the target domain's DNS server.

If Windows NT4 is the source domain all computer WINS settings in both the target and source domain must be set to point to the WINS server in the Source domain.

If all computer DNS and/or WINS settings are configured correctly then Netbios Broadcasting is not occurring. To resolve this situation add or edit the LMHost file of each remote computer, the domain controller of each domain and the computer running DomainReconfigure to include the non visible computers, domain controllers and the DomainReconfigure computer.

Issue Solution Courtesy of the IT Staff at Charlotte State Bank(FL)

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