Saturday, November 3, 2007

Winzero ScheduleManager Rights

Bulletin: 081707-1

Software Effected:
Software Using Winzero ScheduleService: DomainReconfigure, ACLReporter, ServerMigrator, PasswordCopy, SVRCompare, RemoveUnknown

When sending an information collection or modification job to a remote server or workstation, the following error or errors are returned and the job is not completed:

- Can not import password list
- Can NOT locate Folder Permission File
- Can NOT Import Passwords from DCs or PDCs...
- Import File Not Copied

These errors occur after a remote job has been sent to a workstation or server and the job is launched correctly. The ScheduleService is running on the remote computer but the job did not collect and save the information locally on the remote computer.

This situation occurs when the service account does not have adequate rights and privileges on the remote computer.

The service account must be a member of the local Administrators group of the remote workstation or server directly or indirectly through group membership.

The service account must not be the local administrator account. The local administrator account does not have rights back to the computer running the Winzero software. (If the computers are in a workgroup, then the Administrator account can be used; however the password for the Administrator accounts on all computers must be the same).

If Domain information is being set or retrieved the Service account must also be a member of the Domain Admins Group or Enterprise Admins group in each domain information is collected or set.

You can check the state and the properties of the Winzero Scheduler Service for a specific computer to determine whether or not the Winzero Scheduler Service is running, or is configured correctly to run on the specified computer.

In the Managed Computers frame of the Winzero ScheduleManager, double-click the computer.
The properties and a description of each property are listed in the Properties and Description frame of the ScheduleManager window

See SheduleManager Help file for detailed information.

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