Saturday, November 3, 2007

Windows Workgroups

Bulletin: 090807-1

Software Effected:

Can DNSReset be used to change DNS settings on workstations that are not members of a domain?
Is this functionality possible by importing a list of workstations?
How does it then deal with credentials?

Yes DNSReset can be used on workstations that are not part of a domain.

Under Options on the menu bar select Add Domains. Workgroups list like domains. Click on the domain drop down and select the workgroup. A list of computers will appear in the computer list. You can also add computer names in UNC format \\Computername to a text file, one entry per line and import the list of computers.

As far as actually making changes to DNS or getting information from computers in a workgroup only the Administrator account can be used. You must be logged on using Administrator. Also the Administrator account password must be the same on all computers.

This is a Microsoft flaw that will allow you to have rights on remote computers because all Administrator accounts have the same RID and if the password is the same Windows thinks it's the local Administrator.

If any computer in the list is double clicked, and you cannot see a list of DNS properties you do not have rights to those computers. This is the easy way to check which computers you can modify.

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