Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Previous Job is Running - Message

Bulletin: 010408

Software Effected:
SVRCompare, any Winzero Software using ScheduleManager


I'm trying to run FILE-FOLDER collection with SVRCompare on remote servers NOW but it gives me this message: Previous job is running: XXXXXX I get this error too: \\XXXXXX Unable to Extract Application list


SVRCompare uses a three method approach.

1 the collection
2 the import and comaprison
3 the comarison results report.

When you deploy the collection engine to the servers it will take from 40 minutes up to 16 hours to collect the information during the collection process. The time factor is dependent on the number of server objects, files, folders, shares, applications. During this process you can check the progress. Until the collection is completed you can not import the results for comparison until it is finished.

In the registry of the collection server there is a key that is monitored.


if this key is not set to Completed (case sensitive) there is a job still running or a failed collection has occurred and the key was not set back to Completed.

Until this this key is in the Completed state you can not import results or move forward and you can not run or schedule a job again.

If you know that the collector on the remote server is not running you can reset this key with regedit to Completed and launch the job again.

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