Friday, August 1, 2008

ServerMigrator Domain Name Resolution

Bulletin: 010808

Software Effected:
ServerMigrator version 5.09 and earlier

I am evaluating ServerMigrator to migrate file and rights from an existing 2000 server to 2008. The destination server is a DC as is the source server. When I try to add a domain in ServerMigrator, I get a message "No Domains Found.! Check Network Firewalls, Router netBios Broadcasts, DNS or Wins"

We have seen this issue starting to appear recently at the server level. It has to do with Netbios name resolution of the domain name and has been added in a recent Microsoft Update

We have two ways around this until a fix is added to ServerMigrator v5.10 it has been add to our other tools when Vista came out that involved workstations.

In the working directory of ServerMigrator drive:\Winzero\ServerMigrator there is a file called Domains.Add

With NotePad enter the Netbios domain or domain names in capital letters, one entry per line and save the file.

At this point Select Configuration from the menu and Select Add/Remove Servers from the popup window select the domain from the drop down box and you should get a list of servers to add.

If the Available Servers window is empty then you will need to add a lmhost file for name resolution.

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