Friday, May 15, 2009

Computers Fail to Join New Active Directory Domain

Bulletin: 051509

Software Effected:
WADMigrator, WSBSMigrator

When migrating workstations or servers from one domain to another domain in a Microsoft Active Directory enviroment, the migrate computer process does not take affect and the remote computers do not reboot and join the new domain.

This issue only occurs when the administrative account password of the source domain or the target domain contains a character:(!@#$%^&*+<>~??-). Active Directory uses LDAP to perform computer migration functions, a special character becomes an escape character and the character is removed in translation.

To perform a successful computer migration (move a computer from one domain to another domain) both the source administrative account password and the target administrative account password perfoming the migration must only contain alpha-numeric characters. Winzero would like to thank Jay Weiner from Feature-Walters for his research and solution to this now known issue.

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