Wednesday, June 3, 2009

AccessReporter v4.00 with ACLSearch

Bulletin: 060309

Software Effected:
AccessReporter v4.xx and up

Installation and Licensing

With the addition of a new search functionality, Winzero AccessReporter verison 4.00 will require new licensing for winzero customers with license for previous versions.

To experience the full benefits of AccessReporter with ACLSearch, we recommend installing AccessReporter rather than checking for updates.

ACLSearch - Not only can you report server security permissions, but with the ACLSearch functionality you can select one or more users or groups and discover where those accounts have direct access to multiple servers in one report.

Future versions of AccessReporter wil also allow searches based on on indirect access. By selecting a user or group account, find how and where the account has indirect server access through all group membership both local and domain group access.

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