Thursday, September 24, 2009

How to Uninstall Software With Winzero Schedule Service

To uninstall any Winzero software application that distributes the Winzero Schedule Service, requires a three step process

1) Remove folders and files from the remote computers.
2) Remove the Scheduling Service from the remote computers
3) Uninstall the software.

Remove any Remote Files

Select the computers to remove the Winzero remote files
From the Menu select Configuration
Select Remove Remote Files...

Repeat until all remote files have been removed from all computers

Uninstall the Winzero Scheduling Service

From the Menu Configuration
Select Manage Computer Schedule Service......
From the Popup Window Select one or more computers
From the Menu Select ACTION
Select Remove Scheduling Service

Once the service removal is complete double-Click the computer name to verify the service is not installed.
Close the ScheduleManager Window

Uninstall the Winzero Application

Exit the Winzero Application
From the Start Button Select Winzero
From the flyout select Uninstall
Select one or more Winzero Applications, from the list of Winzero Applications
Click Uninstall.

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