Thursday, October 29, 2009

Winzero Software Error Reports

Bulletin: 102909

Software Effected:
All Winzero applications and Remote Exe's

Where can I check Winzero application errors?

Winzero application errors are tracked in the working directory of the Winzero product installed as ProductName.log file. To maintain performance, only errors are trapped.

In the log file, unfortunately not all errors are errors… the software will report an error but the software's internal error trap will use a different process to resolve the error and the fact that the error has been resolved would not be recorded in the logfile.
However, any access denied errors are truly errors.

The log file is always written to the working directory.
The log file is rewritten everytime the Winzero application is launched.
The log file is not updated until the application is closed.

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