Monday, February 1, 2010

Top Five Server Migration Mistakes.

1. Server Downtime
Server downtime is probably the most-heard concern when performing a migration. This is because most migration processes require the source server be offline, either during the conversion process or during the recovery. However the Winzero solution doesn't require the server to be offline and not accessible to the users.

Winzero's ServerMigrator has addressed this issue through real-time replication that transfers the data to the new platform while the server and application remain online and available to users and then failover with minimal interruption. This process minimizes downtime for business-critical systems for disaster recovery, so why not use it for a server migration?

2. Late Night and Weekends
Get your weekends back. One of the greatest myths about server migrations is that they need to be performed during off-hours when no one is using the servers or server data that is being migrated. This is usually because the server migration can't capture changes to the data after the migration starts.

This isn't the case with asynchronous replication migration products, where data can change on the older server and replicate to the migration target server in real time. With ServerMigrator, real-time replication, migrations can be performed during normal business hours and then failed over to the target server once all the data changes have been captured and transferred to the new system.

3. P2V Conversion Process Failed
We have heard of many people complaining about the pain of the P2V (physical to virtual) process or virtual server migration they are going through, but they can't be bothered to spend a couple hundred dollars for a product that works and can make the nightmare go away.

We can't say we have much sympathy for those who try to perform mission critical functions with free tools that promise the world, but we do respect their tenacity.

4. Compatability Issuses
I hate when that happens.

There is nothing worse than getting within spitting distance of the finish line and breaking your leg. Some of the most common mistake that we have seen occur because of not preparing for the migration by reading the pre-migration checklist prior to starting the migration.

Download the Winzero Premigration Checklist with the migration product before you begin the migration.

A little planning can go along way, but having a tested process that can perform consistently and also minimize downtime will keep you from pulling out your hair.

5. Migration Succeeded but Users are Locked Out.
So, the migration's been completed, only none of the users can logon, and there begins a whole new nightmare.

There are many reasons why this happens, and it could be any combination of the factors mentioned above. Is it the free tool that was downloaded to perform the migration, the hardware being migrated, or the virtual platform? Who knows, but ServerMigrator allows you to "set and forget" and avoid this monster of user account and password conflict issues.

In summary, perform your server migration and ask what works best and what to avoid. Learn more about server provisioning or performing successful server migrations with Winzero serverMigrator or Winzero ServerMigrator Lite.

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