Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Winzero Download and Product Update Web Changes

How to use the update download for Winzero Products.

Because of recent changes to the Winzero website the Winzero product updates must be downloaded and installed manually. You must request software downloads and updates links. Once a request is received, a direct software download and it's update links will be emailed to you.

How to Install Winzero Products

Any Winzero product that has had a minor update since its last release version will have a link supplied with the download link to include a link to the products update.
Once you download the Winzero product, unzip the download to a temporary folder. Run the Setup.exe to install the product.

Most Winzero Product will automatically start once the product is installed. After installation, Exit the Winzero product.

How to Update Winzero Products

Once the installation process is complete and the product is completely closed, download the update from the direct download link supplied.

The Update file will be a compressed zip file. To update the Winzero Product to the latest build unzip the update file into the working directory of the Winzero product usually Drive\Winzero\ProductName\.

This process will overwrite any files that have been updated since the last complete release.

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