Saturday, November 3, 2007

Multiple Server Names - OptionalNames

Bulletin: 092207-1

Software Effected:

We are in the process of consolidating 3 files server into one. Your software as well as others offer the ability to copy the data, copy permissions (local, NTFS and AD). Our issue concerns UNC paths, drive mappings, persistent drives..etc. Does your software offer the ability to maintain current UNC paths even though the IP address and server name changes?

Yes. ServerMigrator has the Multiple Server name feature as an optional tool.

Once the data is moved and you are ready to turn off the source server, you can multi-name the target server using this option. The new server will show up in the browser with both names. You must repoint the old DNS name entry to the new IP of the target server.

This feature allows multiple names assigned to one server and gives you time to repoint logon scripts or internal drive maps.

Winzero also has solutions to repoint mapped drives, home drives, profiles on workstations named to the new server name that is available to customers ServerMigrator.

Additional information on Multiple ServerName Issues are available on the ServerMigrator Site.

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